Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Hello Poor Forgotten Blog.  I've missed you and I'm back.  No promises, no commitment... but back for now and happy to be here.  It's a bit overwhelming to pick up and start again... where to begin?  I'm going to just begin with today.  Makes sense right? 

It's Mother's Day.  It's my favorite day.  Ever.  On Mother's Day I feel like a five year old on Christmas morning: crazy excited, happy about everything, and astonished at my luck.  It's the day I look at the people that live in my house and feel absolutely amazed that they are mine.  I remember that when I was six all I ever wanted was to be "a mom".  I used to lie in bed an daydream about what it would be like.  (The daydream was a bit unrealistic... I remember fantasizing about painting the outside of my house with my future husband in overalls while our children played in the yard.  Yea, not all dreams need to be realized.)  BUT the mom thing... I LOVE the mom thing more then I could ever put into words.  So much more.

So, on this Mother's Day I want throw out some things that I need to remember forever:
  • My kids blame everything on leprechauns.  Everything.  If something is messy... leprechauns.  Missing shoes?  Leprechauns.  Spilled Milk?  It was the green guys. 
  • Danny announced what was in every gift bag before I even sat down at the table this morning.  (The excitement isn't all mine on Mother's Day... which makes it so much better).
  • I have a baby.  A new baby.  Stupid thing to put on a list right?  But I want to remember how it feels right this second to look at my beautiful baby... swaddled up like a little burrito in the swing next to me.  All day I've been staring at her thinking about how last Mother's Day she was, literally, just a wish.  My secret (kind of desperate) wish.  And now she's here.  MY baby.  I am so blessed.
  • Matt likes to tell everyone that he loves us "this much"  (fingers spread apart) but he loves Ella "THIS much!" (arms spread apart).  "She's new so she needs more love."
  • The above made Danny cry big, fat, pathetic tears. 
  • Kirsten earned a dollar for "babysitting" tonight and entertaining the boys.  She did it by having them sit criss cross on the bed and watch her style Barbie's hair. 
  • My daughter is about to go to Middle School, my sons are about to go to kindergarten, and my baby is still brand new.  There isn't a way to describe what this feels like.  Hopefully putting it on the list will help me remember the feeling.
  • I am the luckiest, most blessed person I know.  I am so grateful that if I REALLY think about how happy I am I start crying the "ugly cry".  It feels so good.