Friday, October 5, 2012

6 Months (For a Few More Hours)

You, my sweet baby, will be seven months old tomorrow. SEVEN months. 

Dear Ella,
I want to remember everything about you.  I LOVE this stage so much.  You sit and smile and never want to miss a thing.  You are curious and excited and happy all the time.  I feel like if I blink my eyes you will be crawling and have a mouthful of teeth.  I wish I could keep you 6 months and 29 days old forever.
Tiffany took some beautiful photos of you a couple of weeks ago.

...Your bright beautiful eyes, your full cheeks, your perfect little nose.  I can't get enough of your beautiful face! 

You were so cute at the botanical gardens during our photo shoot.  When we sat you on the thick, luscious grass you weren't sure what to make of it.  You curled your little toes and folded your little hands, but didn't cry or complain like we'd expected.  You are always up for a new adventure.  It was sweet to see you look a little nervous, but still up for this new "grass adventure".

You made us laugh several times.  We sat you near some beautiful pebbles and you were VERY interested in picking up as many pebbles and you could possibly get your hands on.  Then we tried to lie you down on your tummy on some pretty, shiny stones.  Once you saw your reflection in the stone you began giggling and kissing (aka slobbering on) your reflection. 

You are the most adorable, fun, interesting little model.  I love you so very much my beautiful girl.  Please do me a favor and try to stay tiny forever.  Thanks ;)

All my love, forever and always,