Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jelly Bean Fling

We had a great time Saturday at the Junior League of St. Petersburg's annual Jellybean Fling! Playgrounds, egg hunts, Radio Disney, great food, fire trucks, great weather, gorgeous setting... what more could you possibly ask for? We even had well behaved children! (Unlike last year :)

Danny, in the midst of the 5 and under egg hunt. He went with the "open each egg and eat the candy within it immediately" strategy.

Brian and his little bunnies (some more preoccupied with candy then others...)

My stunning girl getting ready to hit the hunt!

Matt was thrilled to be in a "real" fire truck! He proudly told the firefighters that he has a firetruck bed!

One of the best parts of this event is visiting with friends! Here is a cute picture of Kirsten and "Baby Seth" (our next door neighbor)

This is my amazing friend Jenna, her mom, and her 18 month old quads... yes, you read that right she has four babies. Supermom.

My friend Nichole, the newlywed, was there with her sweet boys too... somehow I didn't get a picture... but we were so happy to see them!

Friday, April 2, 2010

An Egg-cellent Day

Today was one of those great days. It shouldn't have been. We spent hours in the car. I got us very lost. Grocery Shopping, bathroom accidents, doctor appointments, dishes... but so great. The ages we spent in the car gave Kirsten and I time to really talk. We laughed, we told the boys jokes, and we enjoyed each other so much. I love days like today.

We decided to kick off our Easter celebrations by coloring eggs out on the deck tonight. It was so much fun. Kirsten just loves this kind of thing... and I think her brothers are going to be the same way! (Please ignore the missing pants on my boys... I try to enjoy these experiences and not worry about the mess... but I couldn't bear to ruin a pair of shorts... so I figured it was better for them to be 1/2 dressed then for me to impede on the fun.)

The boys caught on very quickly and loved every second of this. The took it very serious and did not want to stop!

Matt - so proud of himself (and his egg!)

Danny- "Whoo Hoo! I love eggs!"

My dad says the boys are like "mad scientists" around water because they love pouring, filling, and emptying... he should see them around eggs!!!!

K Love took a more relaxed, detail-oriented approach. Once the boys (COVERED in food coloring) were put in the tub, Kirsten got out a paintbrush and really got to work :)

The finished product!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Clean Conscience and A Pure Heart

... I think that's the recipe for this kind of rest. LOVE it.

(Actually I love it anytime a member of Team Taylor closes their eyes... not much sleeping goes on around here... it's worthy of photo evidence.)

No, that's certainly not a bottle you see in this 2 year old's carseat. He is much too old for that... It must be some kind of optical illusion ;)

Irish For Much More Then Just A Day...

Well, St. Patrick's Day came and went without a post here... but that certainly doesn't mean Team Taylor didn't enjoy our visit from the leprechauns!

As usual those little green guys were full of tricks. They left each of the little ones a green pail filled with gold coins of candy, Lucky Charms, and some other green treats. (I was quite upset when I realized that there were alcoholic beverages on the green beads that I let Kirsten WEAR TO SCHOOL. Those leprechauns have to shop a little more carefully next year!)

They also turned our toilet water green, which filled our tiny house with squeals of joy before dawn. Kirsten found Apple Jacks and green milk in her lunchbox as well. It's amazing how much excitement and fun these little traditions bring... I always forget just how much fun these moments are until we are in the midst of them.

I thought Kirsten looked so cute leaving for school!

Danny's shirt says says it all. If these little freckle faced, blue eyed, red heads aren't little leprechauns I would be shocked. They are always full of excitment and mischief. Love my crazy guys.

Matt ran around all day squealing "I saw one!!" and pointing at the floor. Then he would shrug and say, "You miss it. They veeeeeeerrrrrry tiny." I remember Kirsten doing this the year she was 3 so clearly. I just can't believe how quickly time is passing!

This is a typical photo shoot these days... no one looking at the camera and little ones climbing on furniture and laughing. I wouldn't trade it for the world.