Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jelly Bean Fling

We had a great time Saturday at the Junior League of St. Petersburg's annual Jellybean Fling! Playgrounds, egg hunts, Radio Disney, great food, fire trucks, great weather, gorgeous setting... what more could you possibly ask for? We even had well behaved children! (Unlike last year :)

Danny, in the midst of the 5 and under egg hunt. He went with the "open each egg and eat the candy within it immediately" strategy.

Brian and his little bunnies (some more preoccupied with candy then others...)

My stunning girl getting ready to hit the hunt!

Matt was thrilled to be in a "real" fire truck! He proudly told the firefighters that he has a firetruck bed!

One of the best parts of this event is visiting with friends! Here is a cute picture of Kirsten and "Baby Seth" (our next door neighbor)

This is my amazing friend Jenna, her mom, and her 18 month old quads... yes, you read that right she has four babies. Supermom.

My friend Nichole, the newlywed, was there with her sweet boys too... somehow I didn't get a picture... but we were so happy to see them!