Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Perfect Day.
Perfect Family. (Well, not "pick their clothes up off the floor without being asked perfect" but "I love them so much I could explode perfect"... the "perfect" kind of perfect if you ask me ;)

I got to sleep in.
I got to open handmade gifts and cards along with store bought gifts and cards.
I got to soak up the people I love the most... and I got to thank God a hundred times for making me a mother.
Like I said, perfect.

We relaxed

We laughed

We cuddled

We enjoyed the sunshine

...And the water

I got to look at this sweet face all day

And I got to hear these little angels call me "Mommy".



Tiffany said...

your day: perfect!

you: lucky:)
and brave, and prepared!
and having it all together to blog the day at 7pm!

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