Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Things haven't been easy recently.

I've been worried.

That's what mom's do, right???

I'm working on "giving it to God"... (it's a lot easier said then done huh?). I find it terrifying and amazingly beautiful that my children elicit such powerful emotions and actions within me without consciously doing a single thing. I love being a mother. I love it more then I'll ever be able to express... and it scares the heck out of me!

...So blogging has been low on my "To Do List". (We're all going to be fine... but if you want to say a little prayer for my loves I'll say thank you :)

I also had the worst stomach flu I've ever had and was the sickest I've been in my adult life last week... in case the 'worried mom' bit doesn't justify my lack of devotion to this blog!

I also have a very strange sense of obligation to this little blog. I've been so inspired by so many of my friends who blog and document their lives and memories. My plan is to (someday) have this blog published into annual blog books to serve as my scrapbooks. This gives me a very strange sense of obligation that I shouldn't "skip" ahead or leave out events that I would want highlighted in the "big picture" book. So, if I don't get to edit a set of photos (because I'm worried...or throwing up ;) I tend to not let myself "move on". I'm only writing this because I want to give myself permission to skip stuff. I've decided to just go back and add the few events that I skip (when I feel lazy) whenever I feel like it... but I'm moving on! (So eventually I'll add Christmas pictures... but it may not be until July :)

...There is something else too. It's weird.

I have friends that have great blogs and hundreds of readers.
This is not one of those blogs (duh... there are probably only 3 of you reading this.)
That's why I never thought I needed to protect my images or my children.
Apparently I do.

Someone has stolen pictures of one of my children (from this blog) and other children and has created a fake blog about her "family".
It is creepy.
Really, really creepy.

I'm not sure what this means for us yet. At the very least it means I'm adding software to make copying my images very, very difficult. I don't know if watermarks and "right click disables" are enough yet. I guess we'll see...

I don't really want to make this blog private (but I might).
I love reading blogs of other mothers that I have "found" online.
I love learning from other moms and sharing the story of my family.
I love that I have several hits each day from people who google My Best Friend Has Cancer. (Mine does and she's awesome... update soon).
I love that I've had several people go through quite a bit of effort to "find" me and make me aware of the creepy situation, offer advice, and instructions on how to deal with this all.
People I've never met.
People who are moms... and know this isn't right.
Thank you.
I really love all the good things about blogs.

...And I really don't love the creepy stuff.
So, if this blog suddenly goes private and you still want to read it PLEASE email me!! If I take that route it is only to block creepy people who are trying to pretend my children are theirs... not regular people who just want to read about my precious, adorable little loves.


nicole_dib said...

Hey Marcie... That is unbelievable!!! Let me know about the software! I think I need to do that too. This also happened to one of the quad mom friends of Jenna!

PS.. Did you get the fake family to remove the pictures??

Thinking of you and hope all is well.

Give me a call when you get a chance!

Miss you,

nicole_dib said...

Hey... I just checked out that blog... How crazy! Did you realize that she follows Jenna's blog??? I am soo sorry that happened.

Marcie said...

Yes! Jenna is the one who alerted me... and she found out from the other quad moms who are "on it"... It's really crazy. So far it's still up... I reported it to blogger and left a bunch of comments but she's ignoring it all... one of the other mom's who was effected is a lawyer so she just sent some info. I'm going to post all the info on how to (try to) protect your pictures this weekend. CRAZY and wierd!

Summer's Blog said...

who in the world has the time to fake a family sheesh, sorry you are having to deal with that :o(

Akmoomy from CM said...

UGGGG! I'm sorry! You're kids are adorable, but but why would someone want to steal photos?!?!


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