Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Best Friend Has Cancer

...how's that for jumping right in? That's a weird, awful name for a post... but there is no other way to start.

7 weeks ago Sarah was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She went to the doctor because she thought she had a sinus infection. She had one swollen lymph node.

Thank God the cure rate is excellent. She is going to be okay. In the long run it's all going to be okay. But this is my BEST friend. My college roomate, my sorority sister, my road-trip buddy, my bridesmaid, my son's Godmother. My BEST friend.

I can't write this without asking everyone who reads it to pray for her. I know she'll be okay but prayers always help. That's not why I'm writing this though. I'm writing this because my best friend has cancer and she is hilarious, amazing, and inspirational. That's the part I want to remember about all this.

Since being diagnosed her Facebook statuses have included:

"I have cancer. That toooootally beats your case of the Mondays."
"When life gives you Lymphoma make Lymphonaide"
"Port was "installed" today. Unfortunatley it does not charge my Ipod."
"Bulking up for chemo... one slice of pizza at a time."
"Round 1 of chemo today. Hey cancer are your ready to ruuuuuumble?"
"Sarah - 1, Cancer - 0"
"I hope I beat the other teams in trivia tonight as good as I beat cancer today."

She let me sit with her for the entire 8 hours of her first chemo treatment. She texted, teased her sweet nurse, and ate cookies.She laughed, gossiped, and told jokes. During chemo. She's my hero :)

Last Friday night she celebrated the first step toward her recovery with a "Chemo Crawl" through several South Tampa pubs. She got a huge group of people together to dress up, dance, drink too much, and "show cancer who's boss." It was AWESOME.

No one loves a costume more than Sarah. The disappointment of the night was that the monogrammed scrubs she ordered didn't arrived in time. She had to settle for "generic" scrubs. Poor girl.

The pre-party

Me and my BFF (I'm not so into costumes...)

I was the only one though... even the beer dressed up. Ace bandages served as coozies for the night.

Who knew cancer could be so fun?

There is no better excuse to air-guitar at 2 am than kicking cancer's a**

I'll always be your back-up girl. I love you!


The Fegers said...

so funny, and such a fun time. Sarah is lucky to have such a good friend.

Deanna said...

Sounds like you have an amazing best friend! Will add her to my prayers.

Anonymous said...

My best friend just found out today that she has breast cancer. You are an inspiration as a best friend and I hope I can be there for my best friend as you have for yours. I will keep Sarah in my thoughts as well. As I go through the unknown journey with my best friend.