Friday, February 26, 2010

She's Sugar And Spice, Everything Nice

...(sometimes ;) ... but always Daddy's Little Girl.

Here are a few pictures of Kirsten and Brian (along with her friend Kalee and Dad Dean) getting ready to go to the Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance. So sweet.

The girls... dressed up for their dates. I guess polka dots and white shrugs are in style :)

The girls and their handsome dates :)

And the "true to life" behind the scenes (or unedited) photo.

Love that Brian is bouncing our little monkey Matt through his formal pictures. So cute. Not quite as cute when the boys pitched a fit in the front yard that they didn't get to go with "Daddy and Sissy Love". Those boys hate to miss a good time ;)



how sweet...nothing like daddy love :)

Nichole said...

This brings back absolutely wonderful memories of my father daughter dance. I am sure Kirsten and Brian will remember this time forever! How sweet!

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