Monday, March 1, 2010

Lukie Love

This weekend we celebrated Luke's baptism.

The church service was lovely and the party was so much fun. It was a wonderful celebration!

Maureen, Ryan, and my Godson, Luke Patrick (I LOVE that baby!)

My other loves... how cute do they look in their coordinated spring outfits? (LOVE the socks... they make me happy :)

Me with my arms full of Lukie Love!

I love this picture of us. It makes me happy. He is so cuddly and squishy! (...and he's such a chubby little guy that he makes me look skinny ;)

My guys... hoarding goody bags. They were hiding candy under their legs, in their pockets... these guys love a good party :)

My sweet Luke, I pray that God will bless every breath you take. I love you always!


nicole_dib said...

What a great pic!!
How are you changing the header so easily?

P.S.. we miss you!!! And did you check your FB e-mail?

Marcie said...

I miss you too! And I just did... I'll email you tomorrow!! I found a GREAT tutorial on my favorite blog for the header... it's

Tiffany said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing! I love visiting your blog...LOVE listening to your music! ;)

Tiffany said...

you look so skinny, then yea, baby Luke does look bigger than you do when i scrolled down - what a cutie! I sure hope your sister knows being a big baby is a GOOD and cute thing! My babies were fatties too, I love it! but you still looked skinny and proud in that top picture. i love all of your outfits!

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