Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who Needs Tonsils Anyway?

Not the Taylor boys! At least that's what the ENT was able to convince me. He also said the boys would stop getting sick all the time, stop snoring, and start sleeping through the night if we took these pesky glands out... I'm hoping there is a money back guarantee on that one (because HOLY COW! it sure is expensive to take out glands ;)

I was really upset the night before the surgery. I was so worried... really worried... but thank God everything went great!

We had to be at the surgery center (which was very, very, very far away... long story) at 11:15. The boys got up early to a Jello buffet and we were off. We got checked in and all three of my boys had fun playing some video games.

It is such a terrible feeling when a doctor takes your child away from you. (Granted my boys went away with the doctors giggling and waving but it was hard for me!) Luckily the procedures weren't too long... about 30 minutes each. The boys both had their tonsils out, sinuses vacuumed and cultured, and had new ear tubes inserted. It wasn't long before we were able to meet them in recovery.

Sweet, sleepy Danny

My Matt

It didn't take them long to wake up... and the moment they did they were delighted that everyone wanted them to eat popsicles :)

They enjoyed a little tv, a few more popsicles, and laughed about the fact that their beds had wheels.

...Once Danny put the "throw up bin" (does that have a real name?) on his head we knew we were ready to head home :)

The boys were awake and happy on the ride home. We needed to fill their prescriptions so we decided to make a quick stop at Target. I was hesitant to take the boys in, but the nurses suggested we give the boys lots of slushies so we decided to try. We dropped of the Rx and then went to the little cafe to wait and have a drink. We were seated for about 30 seconds when Matt started asking for lunch. (That's my Matt :) We weren't sure what they'd be able to eat so I hesitantly got them bananas. The bananas lasted about a minute. In between bites Matt was demanding "REAL lunch... not banana lunch".

Once he realized he was hungry I think he started to panic. He started yelling to Danny "We need lunch!!". We headed over to the grocery section looking for something soft enough for them to eat. I was a little frazzled because Matt was VERY upset. We decided to try to give them a muffin. Between the two of them, they ate SIX before we left the store.

...Takes more then a couple of tonsillectomies to keep the Taylor twins down ;)


jag said...

So glad it went well! As you know, heading down this road with Cash, and I was SOOO nervous, before I read this. Thanks Marcie:)

Tiffany said...

how cute:)
we're going to do something on Friday, maybe here, maybe the beach . . . . are they up for it?

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