Monday, November 15, 2010

Super Lame

I'm kind of dumb. Since people (2 or 3) people actually read this I always feel like what I post should be "read worthy"... but really this silly blog is just a lazy way for me to scrapbook. I've been hesitant to pick the blogging back up... because I didn't know how to break back in. Surely the first post after a 6 month (8 month? yearlong?) blog break should be extra read worthy... or maybe not.

Maybe I'll just embrase the lameness (see I'm making up words here!) of this post to break back in. Yup, that's what I'm going to do except I'm going to make it "SUPER lameness". So this is not read worthy at all. Random words first... random pictures second. So there. Pressure's off.

Here are some random, cute pictures. (SUPER cute.)

My loves. GOD, I love these people so much.

Danny and Matty. My boys.

If that doesn't make you smile nothing will!

Danny's smile... it could light up the world.

More soon. I hope... no promises... and if it is soon it may be equally lame. (Geez, who am I appologizing to? Future me? HEY! Future me, your life was really busy and happy at this point in time. Remember than and cut yourself a break!)


Summer's Blog said...

lame is good!

Nichole said...

Just so you know, I truly enjoy reading your blog lameness and all! I miss you dearly but am so happy to hear that you are happy! It was not too long ago that things were not so great for many of us and it is fantastic that life has a way or turning around. Your children might be the cutest and most precious in the whole world! I can not believe how grown up they are. Keep posting the makes me smile!!

Tiffany said...

the only lame thing is that i'm reading your blog instead of editing your pics! stop posting:) (aka no pressure but welcome back)

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