Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15 Months in 15 Minutes

 ...Also known as Photo Dump #2. I finally got around to looking at Brian's phone. Here is our life over the past 15 months according to Brian's phone.

Summer 2011... all I remember is being thrilled to be pregnant and being as sick as I can ever remember being pretty much every day.  Blech.  Pretty much the only thing I had enough energy to do was sit on the couch and read.  Luckily, I had some willing listeners most of the time.

Sometimes I couldn't even muster the energy to read out loud.  Kirsten also led some great read alouds.

Brian and I celebrated our 9th anniversary 6/22/11.  Well, actually that's not true.  We didn't celebrate at all.  Instead I spent "date night" at All Children's with Matt.  Four stitches and four hours later the restaurant was closed and I was emotionally spent.  My little guy was very brave.

Fall 2011 brought soccer for Matt and Danny.  I wouldn't say they are "naturals" but they sure were cute.

Especially after running through the celebration tunnel at the end of each practice.

Fall 2011 also brought several more trips to All Children's.  First, I got a frantic phone call from the preschool that Danny BIT A HOLE THROUGH HIS TONGUE.  A big hole.  FYI: Tongues bleed  A LOT and after a 4.5 hour wait in the ER you are sent home to gargle with salt water and take some Tylenol.  Apparently, tongue holes (seriously, a HOLE) are not treated.   At least they have fun computers in the waiting room.
 The "we don't treat tongues" policy proved a bit tricky.  I thought I had a handle on how to handle tongue injuries.  So, when Matt fell at the playground 29 days later and bit his tongue really, really, really badly I thought I knew what to do.  Ice, Tylenol, hugs.


Apparently, Matt hit his chin (and bit his tongue) so hard that he gave himself a concussion.  There were no computer games or long wait during that ER visit.  It was the "real emergency" kind of visit.  Luckily, an MRI ruled out brain bleeding (thank GOD) so we were left with the "Tylenol, hug" part of the treatment plan.  (Okay, I just realized this picture is Danny... we were too upset for pictures during Matt's ordeal... you get the idea.)

We celebrated our Forever Day at Yogurtology.  I was really, really sick that day (like I was pretty much every day for 9 months) so excuse the green hue my skin is sporting... at least Kirsten looks cute.

We read lots and lots of books by the Christmas tree.  It was so sweet.  I LOVE this picture of Danny.  He's not even faking... he really fell asleep under the tree... MY child... asleep!

Brian and Kirsten had a wonderful time at the annual Father Daughter dance.  Unfortunately they did not win the basket that Kirsten felt so lucky about.

My favorite find on the phone, hands down.  Our beautiful, BRAND NEW baby.  I took this picture 6 hours after Ella was born to text to her brothers and sister before they headed out to school.  That is one PRECIOUS baby!

...And how cute is this guy?  Sporting new pjs and slippers

We had a great time at the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  How cute are my "big kids"?

Look at that baby bunny!

Tell me this isn't the prettiest little baby you've ever seen and then I'll call you a liar.

 Matt and Danny turned FIVE!

They celebrated with a gymnastics party for their school friends... all 40 of them!  (This is not the part of the boys being in separate classes that I love...)

Kirsten rocked out at the Spring Hop concert.

We celebrated Labor Day at the beach with the Ward/Kirby crew.

 Cutest. Baby. Ever.

We spent Mimi's birthday visiting Winter the dolphin which was very exciting...

...although not quite as exciting as the ride on a REAL TROLLEY we got to take to visit the movie sets.

 Do you think these guys enjoyed it??
...So there we go.  15 months (although that took MUCH longer then 15 minutes!!)