Monday, September 3, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

In an effort to document some of the events that happened during my (very, very) long blog hiatus there will be some very random posts from time to time.  Today is one of those days :)

I finally downloaded the pictures on my phone from Spring/Summer 2012.  Here is a "dump" of some favorites with an overview of our spring.

As always, we celebrated our luck on St. Patrick's Day.  

The leprechauns always come and play silly tricks and leave little treats for us.  This year we were VERY lucky to have a little leprechaun of our own :)

Kirsten had a great time at field day.  The field day at Frontier is AWESOME.  Huge team spirit and excitement everywhere.  It is a really fun day.

K. Grace worked up a big appetite in her events, the wheelbarrow (which she won), the balloon toss, and the tug of war.

This cute little (3 week old) cheerleader came to support her big sis.

I got a Moses Basket for Ella.  I have always LOVED these baskets.  There is something so dreamy about them.  As you can see, Ella agreed.
Ella continued to demand a good, solid swaddle to get any rest.

We all loved our new little love more then we ever thought possible.

Kirsten headed to her LAST day of elementary school. EVER. Ridiculous.

She was much happier about becoming an official middle schooler then her parents were ;)

Ella started smiling... and she hasn't stopped since.

Ella seemed to like the beach as much as the rest of us do :)

Kirsten was thrilled to get a mermaid tail for her birthday.  She spent the rest of the summer fluttering through pools as the envy of every other 'tween around.

We celebrated Kirsten's birthday at Tiffany's house during the day and at Mimi's for a pool party the next day.  As usual, Kirsten cleaned up in the birthday department :)

Mimi and Grandpa continued their tradition of giving her a week of summer camp for one of her gifts.  After three years at Tampa Bay Watch, she attended the Dali camp this year.  After the Junior Docent presentation she was able to write down her secret wish...

...and hang it with the wishes of all the other museum visitors.  The wishing trees are just beautiful.

Kirsten, Ella, the Girl Scouts, and I went to Savannah (much more on that some other time).

 And we had a wonderful, annual Ward, Taylor, Kirby Ft. Lauderdale vacation.
Throw in a few foot tumors, a few gall bladder attacks, and some big 5 year old moments that I'll update on soon (birthdays, graduations etc) and I'm not too terribly far behind anymore :)


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