Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Backyard Fun!

We are FINALLY getting good use of our backyard! Last Christmas Santa brought Kirsten a swing set. She's enjoyed it all year but now the boys are big enough to really enjoy it too! We've had so much fun playing outside!

I found this little house on Craig's List and bought it on a whim... It is the BEST $10 I've ever spent! The twins LOVE this house so much! They spend hours playing in it. It's so cute... They go in and out, open and close the windows, play peek-a-boo... And Kirsten likes to sit in there and read. It's the best!

Danny climbing onto his little swing

Kirsten pushing Danny on the "big" swing while Matt glides beside them

I think we may have little soccer stars in the making! Here is a family soccer game... Matt is able to run up to the ball and kick it forward... He just needs to stop running and catch his balance first.

I love this photo. I always say how good Kirsten is with the boys... this photo is a great example. She never gets tired of playing with them... never gets frustrated with them. She just takes such joy in playing with them and teaching them how to do things. I am so blessed to have such amazing children!

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