Saturday, October 18, 2008

Locks of Love

Kirsten decided in March that she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love. I read about it in a magazine (and Kirsten was in need of a haircut) so I explained it to her... I'm always trying to find ways to teach her about empathy and how lucky we are... but that can be tricky becaue I don't want to focus on the "bad" things in the world. Well, Kirsten loved this idea immediately and we spent a lot of time on their website learning about the process and the children who recieve the wigs.

The minimum donation they accept is 10 inches so we had to wait for her hair to grow a bit longer. She has been very anxious for the big haircut. She's asked me to measure her hair every week and has even willingly eaten veggies to keep her hair shiny "for the sick child"!

Soooooo... Saturday was the big day. I'm such a chicken. I was so nervous but Kirsten wasn't nervous at all she was so excited! Here she is just before the big cut!

During the cut...which ended up being just over 12 inches!

And after!

Brian, Matt, and Danny all got haircuts too! I've trimmed the twins' hair a couple of times (not very well I might add...) but this was their first "real" haircuts. They did SO good! No tears and even a few giggles :) Here is Matt

And here is Danny

And the whole gang!

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V said...

this is Varun from India ! I was just surfin random blogs when i read how your little girl donated her hair ! Brought a big smile to my face and Im sure she's a blessed child ! Do tell her that it was a Very Very nice thing she did !