Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Fun to Be One!

And it was SO fun to celebrate Luke's first birthday with him last weekend! We love that "little" guy so much! ...and he sure can celebrate in style! His party was at a beautiful park with great food, a huge crowd, a clown, face painting, balloon animals... that baby knows how to party!

Here was our best attempt at a family shot for the day. I like it. It's crazy and far from perfect but happy and fun. Like us.

My beautiful sister and her beautiful boy

Tulip (the face painting clown) was quite talented! Kirsten was thrilled with her transformation into a butterfly.

Matt was very excited to be turned into Superman (and Danny was not letting that clown anywhere near him! ... and we always think of him as the "daring one"!)

I love this picture and how Matt is right up front with the big kids... in total awe...

Danny kept a close eye on that crazy clown from Mimi's lap

This awesome gator, balloon, flower hat lasted about 6 minutes

SO sweet. So, so sweet.

These boys know how to get around a cake!

...So does this one! It didn't take Luke long to figure out how awesome this birthday cake situation was :)

Love you Luke! Don't grow up too fast!


Dana said...

Wonderful pictures! You all look so happy.
I found your blog through a comment you left on the Clover Lane blog. I felt "connected" because we also have adopted children through the flawed Foster Care system, and we sure wish we had gotten to them sooner because of all the issues and problems that come from the older one. We know the problems are not his fault, but they are difficult none-the-less and make me very angry at the biological family. Thankfully the younger one came to us at 15 mos. so we've been able to raise him properly. But his older brother had almost 7 years of damage that we are trying very had to "fix". It sometimes feels futile...
ANyway,I love your happy family photos and hope you have a great afternoon!

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