Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lord & Taylor (and Other Random Adorableness)

We're still busy... I'm still not blogging much... and my kids are still the sweetest, cutest, most precious living things ever. (No, I'm not prone to exaggeration at all, why do you ask?)

Moments I don't want to forget:
- The boys have recently learned their last name. They walk around saying things like, "I am Danny TAY-LLL-or. You is Mommy TAY-LLL-or?" I could just eat it up. I need to get it on video. They refer to everyone using their full names very often. "I say come here Matt TAY-LLL-or! I want to play with you!"

- Brian asked Danny who was in our family last week. He answered, "Danny Taylor, Matt Taylor, Daddy Taylor, Mommy Taylor, Sissy-Love Taylor... Yup... EVERYBODY!"

- We took the excitement about learning our last name as an opportunity to teach the boys their middle names too.

(Kirsten's middle name is Grace. This is the name that we chose for her so we tend to emphasize it a bit. Somehow when she was small we got into a habit of calling everyone Grace i.e. "Daddy Grace". It made her laugh and it was cute. It makes us laugh when the boys refer to themselves as "Danny Grace" and "Matthew Grace" but we figured this might be the time to teach them their names.)
It didn't really take. But it is CUTE. Matt still insists that he is "Matthew Grace" and "no Dean!" and Danny loves the idea of his middle name. However, instead of saying "Ward" he says "Lord". Now, Mr. Articulation believes this is his name. He corrects us every time we say Ward and it is so funny. Again, I need it on video... but I don't want to forget it. Too cute.

-Last week-ish Matt jumped into my lap. Danny reprimanded him yelling, "My mommy is delicate!" to which Matt answered (with a twinkle in his eye) "My mommy bouncy!!!!"

I've been teaching the twins that girls are "delicate". I got this idea from my friend Tiffany. I think it is SO smart. I want them to "get" that boys and girls are different. Daddy loves it when they tackle him. Mommy doesn't. I get that they are "all boy" and are going to play rough sometimes... so I want them to understand that you don't play rough with girls (unless Sissy Love is asking for it and tells them to come get her ;) ...then it's fair game).

Matt randomly looks at me, full of sweetness, and tells me "Mama you delicate. You a girl. Girls delicate. Not boys. Boys strong. Girls delicate. Like Mimi, Grandma, Debbie, Sissy-Love. Yup. Girls delicate Mommy". (Possibly ever so slightly sexist but I think this may be the beginning of raising gentlemen... at least I hope so!)

-The boys are TWO. Precious, adorable, hilarious, and cuter-then-cute... but still two, if you know what I mean ;) We've been talking a lot about saying "yes" to people. (As in, when Grandpa says stop touching the blinds we'd like you to say "Yes, Grandpa"... not "I playing with them. I playing with these Grandpa. I no want to stop." or "Yes, Ms. Debbie" and not, "I still playing. I not going to clean up right now. No thank you Debbie. I no clean up.")

Danny asked Matt for a toy earlier today and Matt said "No, not right now..." (which is his standard answer to everything). Danny gasped, in a very over exaggerated fashion, then yelled "You say yes to me! That our rule! Our home rule is you say yes to me!"

- And Kirsten just promised that she will always love me "with all the love in the world" even when she is a teenager. I need to get her to put that in writing ;)


Sarah said...

So sweet!
And that blog header with your kids in MATCHING outfits is KILLING me...I LOVE matching outfits...and now that I have two teenagers that's just about the worst thing EVER. They truly are adorable...your daughter is strikingly beautiful and those two little guys..how can you not give in to everything they want?

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