Monday, December 13, 2010

I Think Santa Wants To Be a Pilot Too!

Matt is the future pilot in this household. The playground at Albert Whitthead airport is "his" playground and he has my friend Terrie, the president of the airport's historic society, wrapped around his little finger. So you can only imagine the utter joy that this three year old would feel when he learned that Santa owns a helicopter and would be flying in to have lunch with him! (His brother and sister were also pretty psyched :) (The reindeer are already resting up for the big day so Santa's helicopter came in quite handy!)

We had such a nice time at our Santa lunch! Terrie did an amazing job organizing lots of crafts, a delicious lunch, and a visit from the big guy. We had a nice time visiting with friends too! (Even though I didn't get any pictures of that at all!)

Danny's cutting skills are really coming along! He took wreath making quite seriously.

It was hard to tear this girl away from the craft tables! She made EVERYTHING there was to make and enjoyed every minute of it :)

This picture makes me laugh so hard. Matt was so thrilled with this reindeer... he asked me to take his picture! And this is what I get!!

After lunch Terrie called all the kids outside the hanger and told them to watch sky.

It was so exciting when Santa landed!

Somehow we managed to be the VERY last people in the Santa line. I think the line went around us... That's okay though... we got some adorable pictures while waiting in line.
Daddy and Danny

While looking for a way to kill some time the twins decided to tackle Kirsten for "LOOOOVVVVE!"

Santa was great and really took time with each of the kids. Kirsten and the big guy:

Matt totally stumped Santa. When asked what he wanted for Christmas Matt answered "a pumpkin filled with candy canes". This has been his answer for a month. (The boy really loved Halloween!) Santa laughed and said he'd have to check the back stockrooms and have the elves special order it. Matt also mentioned he'd like some play dough. Santa brightened and said, "Oh great! Then you can make a pumpkin with the Play Dough." Matt gave Santa a bit of a dirty look and, in his most serious voice, corrected Santa, "I a good boy. The ELVES can make the pumpkin. Not me. The ELVES." We died laughing and Santa promised to do his best :)

Santa was a bit more prepared for Danny's scooter request!

As soon as the kids climbed off Santa's lap, Terrie grabbed them and brought them outside. You can only imagine the excitement of our future pilot when he was put in Santa's helicopter!!

I just love the holidays. This might be my favorite Christmas ever. The kids are at PERFECT Christmas ages! (Even though I still think they are all too big ;)