Monday, December 13, 2010

Snuggle Up and Read!

There are So many things I love about my new school! I love being in the same building with my girl all day everyday. I love my students and colleagues. AND I love being in such a happy, child centered environment. This is the kind of school that has almost 200 people show up in their pajamas to read holiday stories, sing carols, and enjoy being together over hot cocoa.

We had a GREAT time.

Team Taylor in our jammies :)

Our first visit with Santa of the season. I was so happy that the twins weren't afraid at all!

My loves enjoying holiday stories. Don't the boys look big??

Kirsten was THRILLED to have an opportunity to show off her new American Girl to her friends :)
We had so much fun! This year I enjoyed being "Mommy"... next year I might volunteer to read... but I loved just soaking up the night and snapping pictures of my little ones this time :)