Monday, August 24, 2009

BCFL! (Best Cousins for Life)

About 3 minutes after meeting for the first time, Kirsten and Bridget had formed a lifelong bond. Yesterday Kirsten and I rode over to Orlando (with Grammy and Grandpa) to meet up with my cousin Jennifer, her daughter Bridget, Maureen, Ryan, and "little" Luke.

The girls instantly bonded. They laughed, they colored, the cuddled and fed Luke, and they both cried when it was time to say goodbye.

Luke got a lot of love from these two sweeties.

I simply cannot get enough of this baby's chub. I adore it. I love, love, love his rolls. I swear I just sit and giggle and squeeze his chub when I get to hold him (which is not half as often as I'd like! Kirsten and Grammy provide a lot of competition for snuggle time!)

I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Jen and I with our girls.. We're hoping they'll make another trip down soon so we'll have to make that our first priority next time!

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