Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

We had such a nice morning at the aquarium today! It wasn't crowded AT ALL. Kirsten gets so excited every time we're there. It's really cute. AND the boys stayed in their stroller the whole time! They were excited to look at all the fish and creatures and were easy to keep track of. It was awesome :)

Kirsten was pointing out the tiny hermit crabs on the bottom of this tank. I love the looks on all their little faces. Such curiosity!

"Mama! I want fish! I want see fish! More fish Mama!". So much for my attempt at a posed picture.

I love this picture of Matt. He has this expression quite often but it's hard to catch it on camera. I love when he gets excited.

Ahoy Mateys! Everyone had a great time exploring this pirate ship.

I am always amazed at how brave my kids are. All 3 of them!

...Even when they are riding turtles

...Or being eaten by alligators :)

Surf's Up dude!

Ever the protective big sister. "I got you little buddy". Precious.

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Pres-tone said...

Terrific Tuesday?? You were getting ready for the flow of the day, huh?