Friday, September 18, 2009

My Best Friend

As I've mentioned in a couple of other posts, our mornings are a little crazy... and by "a little" I mean A LOT... like more than you can imagine...

Our preschool drop-off is going a bit better. Ms. Dorothy figured out that Matt loves to play with trucks first thing in the morning. She has the "special trucks" set up before we arrive and shows them to Matt right away... she has won that boy over like you wouldn't believe! This week he went into class without a single tear, and today he actually ran to Ms. Dorothy with a smile and a hug :) So, Danny has taken over clinging to me and crying in the mornings.

This morning as he snuggled into my arms he kept saying "Mama, I want you,". I'd say "I want you too buddy... that's why I'll be back as soon as school is over. I always come back!" to which he would say, "Mama, I WANT you". After a few rounds I said "I'll be back you have fun with your friends,". He won this round when he answered, "You me friend Mama. You me friend. I play with Mamma. I want you... you me friend."

Need I say more? Precious and heartbreaking. I think those are two of the words I use the most when I describe motherhood. Sweet boy, I always "want you" more than you can imagine. I love you.

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