Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why Didn't Someone Tell Me This A Year Ago?

Haircuts have been traumatic for Team Taylor. Seriously. Trauma is the only word I can use to describe it. You say "snip" around my boys and they instantly scream, cover their heads, and yell "OUCH!" (yes... my children are all dramatic... I'm expecting to be thanked in an Emmy acceptance speech in about 20 years...)

So, for anyone who has not yet figured out the steps to a successful hair cut with a toddler (or muliple toddlers!) I'll spell it out for you.

Step 1: Take your shaggy haired child(ren) to a very sweet, animated hair-stylist. There is a reason people pay professionals to do this. Learn from my mistakes, do not attempt to cut your child's hair yourself. It's not worth it. Really, it's not. (AND when she is on vacation... don't think you can go to someone else just because they work in the same establishment. If you ask if they are comfortable with toddlers and they pause LEAVE. Take it from me. Smile and LEAVE.)

Step 2: Let them put stickers anywhere they want too... Seriously ANYWHERE. Their legs? How creative! Daddy's face? What a great idea!

Step 3: Pack your purse with M&M's... a lot of M&M's! I'm not a mom who gives my kids a lot of candy (that's what grandparents are for!)... but this is a situation that calls for it. Pack an arsenal and don't be afraid to use it!

Step 4: Take the family out to celebrate and enjoy looking at your little boys (that now look like little boys again!)

(Note: No tears were shed and no toddlers were hurt during these haircuts... That's what I call success!)

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nicole_dib said...

Yeah! Yes.. I always take Shane to a professional it's just easier.. We find that lollipops work wonders keeps his hands busy... ! They look soooo cute!

We miss you all! Call us so we can get together :)