Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Eagle Took Flight!

The Eagle is the mascot of Kirsten's school... and they take their mascot very seriously. The children are constantly challenged to "soar". Well, our little eagle took that very literally today! Kirsten participated in the Young Eagles program at Albert Whitted Airport today.

My friend Terry is a pretty amazing person who runs the historical society, and pretty much everything else, at the airport organizes the event. It is an incredible opportunity for children, or future pilots, ages 8-18 to take a FREE flight in a small plane or helicopter along the coast of Tampa Bay. The children learn about the aircraft, receive their own flight log book, and some even get to take the controls during the flight! (Terry was SO nice to send Kirsten up in one of the first planes so she didn't have to wait in the 90+ degree heat for her turn. She was in the back of an airplane with another little girl, whose brother got the honors of sitting up front since he was the oldest. Which was perfect... we have to save SOME of the thrill for next time ;)

"Mommy did you know you can stand on the wing of the plane??"

...And this next one is the money shot (great photography Brian!)

Needless to say Kirsten was thrilled and it was an experience of a lifetime. I, however, was very disappointed that I missed the entire thing. I've been sick for well over a week, and was finally feeling better today. Unfortunately Matt and Danny picked up where I left off. It's great that the Eagles program was free since we were at the pediatrician's office blowing big bucks on MORE ear infections. 4 infected ears, 2 infected sinus passages, 2 infected throats, and a wheezing chest. POOR boys. (But how great did Brian do with the pictures? Thanks babe :)

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The Fegers said...

woa, Kirsten. how exciting!
and don't you just love it when you can send your husband and a camera when you can't go. I hate missing out, but love seeing the photos and am so glad that I have a husband to take one kid at a time on an adventure occassionally. he does take both sometimes too.