Friday, October 2, 2009

Good for the Soul

Great friends, great weather, and great fun outdoors... it does my soul good. We had a great play date with Charlotte and Santi this week (and we really needed it! Work has been rough, the weather has been ridiculously hot, and I've been sick forever). It was so much fun :)

Danny just loves hangin' out at the park

Matt (Mr. Easy Going) trying to figure out what to do next

This pictures makes me laugh out loud. Santi, who is five days older than the twins, has very advanced language skills... just like my boys have very advanced gross motor skills... that makes for a funny combination.
As Danny was climbing up the ladder to the top of this platform, Santi kept yelling warnings to him, "Danny! No Danny! This is dangerous. DANGER Danny!". It was hysterical. Danny looked at him like he was crazy and kept climbing. I love how this picture shows Danny thinking "See it was no sweat!" and Santi thinking, "HOW did he do that??"