Friday, October 2, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Grammy and Grandpa are out of town. I know I say all the time how lucky we are to have so much help with the kids but seriously... it needs repeating... we are SO LUCKY to have so much help! Not only does my dad watch the twins two full days each week, join me to help at all doctor appointments, and do more "spur of the moment" babysitting then a twelve year old girl... BUT he (and my mom!!) also take Kirsten to school each day. That means that they have grandchildren (1-3 depending on the day) being dropped off at their house at seven am FIVE DAYS A WEEK. Again, I'm SO LUCKY. I know this everyday but I especially appreciate it on days like today.

Since they are out of town it is truly "taking a village" to fill the gap. Brian is taking off work, his parents are helping with dropping off Kirsten, and the twins' teacher is even helping out in the mornings (by accepting children at her HOME so I can get to work on time). We are blessed.

SO... while I felt pretty awesome having three children dressed, washed, and loaded into the car at 6:32 am this morning, I did NOT feel awesome about feeding them Pop Tarts in the car. (My big eaters like a hot breakfast. They usually have waffles, sausages, and fruit each morning and then beg Grammy for more food.)

Ironically, this plan did not save me any time. While we got Kirsten dropped off on time, and arrived at the twins' school nice and early, the time it took me to wash their faces and hands (and even change Danny's shirt!)before walking them into their classroom more than made up for my timeliness. Oh well... lesson learned :)


Pres-tone said...

Is that Kirsten's copy of Twilight in the car?

The Fegers said...

you cook breakfast for all of your kids in the am on school days?!
do you ever sleep?
my kids eat cold cereal from a cup in the car. only Dylan gets (rice)milk b/c he donesn't spill.
i did a breakfast bar for Isaac the other day and had the same mess you discribed, so now I hand him small pieces at a time instead of half all at once.