Saturday, October 10, 2009


While Kirsten is off celebrating Aunt Maureen's birthday at Sea World, we brought the boys to the local firehouse for the annual Touch-A-Truck day.

Firetrucks and COOKIES? What could be better?!

I think the caption for this picture should be "Fake Fall". It LOOKS like October doesn't it? The leaves, the firetruck, the lighting... You wouldn't expect the "feels like" temperature to be 100 degrees. But it is! We were outside for 15 minutes and covered in sweat. It was pretty disgusting.

As soon as we were finished exploring the trucks Danny took off for the nearby playground. The boys seem so big these days... I treasure the moments when they look tiny exploring their huge world :)

The boys never pass up a playground opportunity, but it was too hot to really play. They tried but gave up very quickly.