Friday, October 2, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Last night we packed up the mini-van and took the kids to the Homecoming game at Lakewood High (Brian's school). Homecoming has certainly taken on a different meaning then it had during the "glory days" at UF, but we had a great time.

"I love the coach!" (That is the caption I had in mind when I staged this photo... I thought it was pretty funny when I looked at it later and realized that all 3 kids were totally distraced. There was a lot to look at!)

The boys were very interested in everything. I thought they would love the band... after the opening song the boys both clapped and cheered loudly. Then Danny said, "Yea! No more loud!" ... maybe that wasn't their favorite part :)

Kirsten loved EVERYTHING about it. She was so excited to see the Homecoming court. We had lots of fun discussing all the beautiful gowns.

"I wish I was in high school!"

This was my view for most of the night :) I think Danny would have enjoyed sitting and watching the game, shaking his pompom, and cheering with the crowd IF Matt hadn't been so intent on exploring. Danny couldn't let him explore alone! So the boys and I did a lot of walking around and checking things out.

Who knew football could be so exhausting?! (This was taken in Brian's classroom at the end of the night as we changed the boys and got ready to head out.) We left during the second quarter. Those games don't start until 7:30!! We arrived nice and early to check things out so by 8:30 it was time to head out.

... And this photo is exactly why I am usually a bedtime tyrant (and why we don't make it to many games.) As I was editing photos at 10:00 this is what Matt was doing...

We might get 1 little one to adjust to a schedule change... if we're lucky 2 of our kiddos cooperate... I think I've yet to experience an easy bedtime for all 3 kids after a big night! Oh well, he's crazy today but it was totally worth it :)

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