Monday, December 28, 2009

It Wouldn't Be "Turkey Bowl" If There Weren't Lingering Medical Bills

The weekend before Thanksgiving Brian, his brothers, and friends played their annual Turkey Bowl.

The highlights:
- A play Brian designed won a Sports Illustrated Flag Football contest and we are getting a new 32" high definition tv

- The kids were adorable

- It was a great time to visit with everyone (we just never get to do that these days!)

Grandpa and his girls :)

Danny and Daddy

Daddy's biggest cheerleader

The lowlights:
- Matt was in a BAD mood. There was a lot of crying and I pulled something in my elbow (that is STILL not better!) lugging Mr. Cranky around all day.

- We forgot to bring the pies to the post- Turkey Bowl BBQ. We had an excellent explanation for this oversight... but I don't think we'll ever live it down.

- Brian went into renal failure and spent 7 hours in the emergency room.

...Overall what you'd expect from a Turkey Bowl.

Can't you just see the angry, little "where is our pie?!?" looks?

"Daddy are you sure you just need water? You don't look so good?"

...And Brian being carted off for an MRI on a stretcher. (He's looking relaxed because they gave him A LOT of morphine).

...Apparently it's REALLY important to not get dehydrated. Organs need water. A lot. If they don't get enough water they just stop working. Then you have entire body muscle cramps for hours, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, intense pain, high medical bills, and renal failure. Not good.