Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kirsten's Koncert (forgive me... I love alliteration a little too much)

Kirsten has continued taking violin lessons at school this year and she joined the Glee Club! (I will update this post at some unknown later date. The camera I was using had a broken zoom lens. -I got a new camera for Christmas!! Thanks Mom and Dad!- luckily Don took pictures using his zoom... unfortunately I can't find five minutes to download the pictures he took... but I will... at some unknown date/time :)

Here are the highlights (minus zooming).

Kirsten with her silly, fake, pink rose (it played music... she's easy to please).

Kirsten's glee club performance. (Pretend this is the zoomed version... at least try to pretend!) Do you see her in the front? Right in the center? Holding the microphone? Yup... that's her. How she managed to get the mic I don't know... but it's a typical Kirsten move. She is not afraid of the spotlight!

My girl :) (Violinists are supposed to wear black and white. They don't make many children's clothes in black... we tried!)

An Oreo celebration!! ...can't you just feel the sugar high?

It was a great night. I love watching Kirsten perform... she's really in her element when she is center stage.