Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland

...doesn't that sound like a perfectly magical name for a Christmas post? Ha.

When I read it I "wonder" why in the world we kept the kids up past their bedtimes on purpose. I "wonder" what overcame my sweet, little Matthew (formerly known as 'Angel Baby') when he threw the fit of all fits on the way home that night. I "wonder" why my boys tried to burst through the Santa line (for almost 45 minutes straight!) and then refused to go anywhere near him when it was there turn!

And I wonder why I'm sitting here with a huge grin, remembering that ridiculous night so fondly.

The night started off with a lot of potential. Isn't Danny adorable? Don't you love the Christmas sweater and shorts?

This was definately a Florida-style winter wonderland! The shorts were proudly worn while "glice skating". You northerers can keep your cold we don't need it!

The boys were totally entranced with Santa's reindeer.

K Love and the big guy

Me... trying to make a "moment". The boys were not going to have it. Oh well, it still makes me smile :)

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