Monday, December 28, 2009

National Adoption Day

After our family celebration of "Forever Day", Kirsten and I had the opportunity to celebrate the big day with the Heart Gallery.

This year I joined the Junior League of St. Petersburg. One of the community events we sponsored was a celebration at Great Explorations for new adoptive families. I signed up as quickly as possible and asked if it would be appropriate for Kirsten to come with me. (I am always looking for good volunteer opportunities for her. I struggle between wanting to teach her empathy and gratefulness but not wanting to expose her to the "bad" things in the world yet...) I was thrilled when the event coordinator and the executive director of the Heart Gallery both strongly encouraged me to bring Kirsten and stressed how much they would like to meet her. SCORE.

Kirsten and I spent the morning decorating cookies with the children, talking with the families, and exploring the museum.

James Shields, the pitcher for the Rays, came to spend some time with the children. He spoke to the children about the gift of family and "dreaming big". When he asked the crowd what they dreamed of being in the future there were several kids that answered "an athlete", "an actor", and "a musician". Kirsten was the only one who answered "a meteorologist... that's a weather girl". (I must say that answer was a crowd favorite!)

Kirsten was able to score some great Rays souvenirs and to have them autographed!

My sweet girl and I

"I love you FOREVER. I like you for ALWAYS. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." (Even when you're a grown-up meteorologist :)


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