Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Kirsten and Brian got home last night!! They had a great trip and I'll be sure to post some of their pictures soon.

...So Kirsten came running in the door last night and I scooped her up for a HUGE hug and some love. While snuggling in I cried "You grew! I can't believe you grew!" and Kirsten cried (I SWEAR this is true... I have witnesses) "Mommy! I think you lost pounds! You look like a young mommy!" That's my girl :) I'm sure Brian put her up to it (although he denies it) but how cute is that?? Do they know how to make me smile or what? (And she DID grow! Look!)

The boys were already asleep when they got home last night. Brian went down to get the boys this morning and they were SO happy. Danny wouldn't let Brian put him down and he kept saying "Dada! Dada! Dada!" I asked the boys where they thought Kirsten was. They ran straight for her room calling "Sissy! Sissy!" Danny climbed right into her bed with her and Matt wiggled up to kiss her nose until she woke up. Then they all had a dance party. (How else should siblings celebrate being reunited at 6 am?)

I love my family so much.


jag said...

This melts my heart!

nicole_dib said...

How sweet!! I know they missed their big sister! Lovin the dance party!

The twins are in our prayers! 8 years ago (when Antonio was 2 he had that surgery.. and it helped soooo much!) The toughest part for him was the not eating after Midnight... he got up at 12:03... the procedure went so quick and smooth. The toughest for me.. watching them take him into surgery.
No more ear infections will be awesome!
When they are up for it call us for a play date!
We love looking at the pics :)