Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Kids Are Geniuses... Seriously!

They are! I know all parents think this... but I'm convinced it's true with my gang.

Here's the proof:
1. Kirsten gave me a science lesson about caffeine last night. It acts like sugar and it can stop your bones from growing.

2. Kirsten can read ANYTHING you put in front of her (and lots of things you don't put in front of her... Daddy's sci-fi novels now have to be hidden.)

3. Danny's language skills are getting ridiculous (says the speech therapist mommy... so it's official!)
- Yesterday he picked up Kirsten's "Angel Barbie" and said "Ma Ma... Baby!" (all dolls are babies... LOVE the generalizations) "Baby... Bird! Bird Mommy." (Because the angel has wings! He JUST learned about birds and he's already making the generalization about wings!)

- Danny loves babies. He is always pointing out babies. Yesterday when I was talking to Kirsten about "the babies" and asked her to bring me "the baby" Danny looked very confused and asked "Matt? Matt baby?" when Kirsten picked up Matt... of course he knows HE is a big boy... but his twin could totally be a baby.

4. Matt opened the child-proof infant Motrin (with the safety cap) in 10 seconds flat. Don't ask why he was playing with the medicine... just be amazed at his motor skills. (Daddy was with him... no worries.)

Here is Matt helping Kirsten check her homework

Case Closed... Genius children.


jag said...

Geniuses indeed!

Pres-tone said...

You've got my vote.