Friday, January 2, 2009

My Girl,

I say it a lot, but this month REALLY did go too fast. We had so much fun though... and we made so many new memories. I love that we have our own traditions now. You and I decorate the Christmas tree together each year. For some reason Daddy doesn't love doing this the way you and I do... but I so look forward to doing it with you. I'm sure we'll have to include your brothers in the next year or two, but for now I like that it's "just us girls". We did lots of holiday baking together and as I learn new recipes you are learning them right along with me (I'm sure you'll be a MUCH better cook than I am!).

You were an angel in the Christmas pageant again this year. Three of the other moms made a point to tell me how sweet you were. During each rehearsal you helped the "little girls" and were a perfect role model for them.

You celebrated your First Reconciliation at church this month. You were so excited (not nervous at all!) and RAN back to the confessional to be the first one. You are very aware of "right" and "wrong" and you make me so very, very proud.

You spent most of your holiday break helping Daddy and Grandpa rebuild the deck. You love to be outside and included in these projects. (I expect that you will be MUCH handier that either Daddy or I could ever hope to be.)

You have one giant "grown up tooth" growing into your huge gap and you are so proud of it. It is so very, very cute.

You received an electric guitar and a violin for Christmas. You love sitting with Daddy for your "guitar lessons" and you can't wait to join the violin club at school. (I don't know if this is because you are truly musically inclined if it's just because you love Mrs. Zeoli, your music teacher, so much... either way it's really cute.)

I love enjoying the little girl you are and imagining the amazing person I know you will become. You are so very precious to me. I love you with every breath.


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