Friday, January 2, 2009

Matty D,

You and those adorable dimples! They are just so charming (and even though you are only one and a half I swear you know it!)

This month we celebrated your second Christmas. You spent the month "Ho, ho, ho"ing and crying because I kept dropping you in Santa's lap. (Sorry about that... but I got some really cute pictures!)

You are having a really hard time with your ears. The ear infections you and Danny have now have been lingering since the beginning of October. This month was hard for you. You were in quite a bit of pain with your poor little ears AND you cut your last two teeth (for awhile anyway)! I feel so bad for you when you are not feeling well. You are usually the sunniest, happiest little guy. The only upside is that you only want me when you don't feel well. At 3 am I have to remind myself how precious this is... but it really, really is. You have always been Daddy's boy, but when you don't feel good I'm the only one who can calm you down. Hopefully next month's letter will have some information about the surgury I am now very convinced you need for your poor little ears.

This month you finally figured out how to climb up the bars of your crib. You haven't actually climbed OUT yet... but you've climbed on top of the divider between you and Danny. (Danny thought it was AWESOME. He laughed and cheered... You boys are going to either keep me very young or age me very quickly... I'm not sure of which way it's going to go yet...)

You LOVE to reprimand Danny. You point your little finger and yell "No, no, no, no, no!" when you see him breaking a rule. (Usually one you have just finished breaking... thus giving him the idea).

You know all of your body parts now (including eyes, ears, hair, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, arms, toes, feet, belly, fingers, and head). You are STILL addicted to your bottle (which I am embarressed to admit... you just may take it to college with you). You love to dance, watch "Blue's Clues", and play outside. You love to snuggle Kirsten and follow me around in the kitchen warning me "HOT! HOT!" anytime I touch anything (so cute). You will only sit in your high chair for about 90 seconds at a time... which is making meal times a little stressful for me (but very amusing for you).

You are really, really smart.(I know all parents say that... but you might just be a genius!) You are learning new things every single day and I am constantly amazed by you.

I love you sweet baby. I love you so so much.

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