Saturday, March 28, 2009

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Red Heads

Last weekend Uncle Greg, Aunt Amber, and Allison came to visit. It is so much fun to see the cousins together... and I know it's been almost 2 years but I just can't get over the matching hair color! I've always loved Allison's red hair. It was quite a surprise when the twins had the EXACT same shade of red!

I couldn't get a picture to REALLY show it off... it's impossible to get 3 toddlers looking the same direction! This is the best I could do:

It was a beautiful day so we took a Taylor family field trip to Crescent Lake Park. We had a great time on the playground. (My boys practically LIVE at the playground these days... I take them EVERY day. I need them in a climbing environment!)

Here is a shot of me and my Danny

Danny enjoying Allison's sweet ride :)

We really wanted a picture of all the cousins together. Danny was NOT feeling cooperative. It just was not going to happen... so I jumped in and held him tight :)

Danny loves birds. Seriously. He LOVES birds. We thought it would be quite a thrill for him to feed the ducks at the lake. I didn't think about the "seagull factor"... the poor ducks did not get ANY food but seagulls are birds too... so Danny was thrilled. I can see him thinking "I TOTALLY fed that bird! That rocked..." in this picture.

Here is Matt enjoying the view.

The boys definitely ate more than they threw to the birds, Allison followed Kirsten around all day, and we had an awesome time!


Pres-tone said...

Um unreal you are tiny!! The picture of you holding the uncooperative twin (Danny?) looks like you are about KGrace's size. You go girl.

Haha, the password to this comment is 'bowel'

The Fegers said...

those are some good pictures!