Friday, March 20, 2009


I've been "down" recently. I hate feeling like this. I am usually a pretty optimistic, happy person. This week has been much better than last week... I'm pulling myself out of my slump. Time to focus on the positive! Here's what I'm thankful for this week...

- Matt's dimples
- The huge hole that Kirsten's lost tooth left in her mouth
- Danny's voice
- The 700 free diapers that I scored this week (I am the Coupon QUEEN!)
- Beautiful spring weather
- The wonderful woman I met at the park who told me life with her twins got "easy again" as soon as they turned 2
- The freckles on the twins' noses... They each have about a dozen and I adore each one of them!
- The fact that we live so close to my parents (and Brian's)
- My family


charlottenacole said...

OKAY- you have got to tell me about the free diapers!! You know I am an amateur at this coupon thing and I am totally wanting to learn the ways of the coupon master!!
I really like your positive thinking! Their is real power in positive thinking! Here is to good times ahead!

Pres-tone said...

Chin up, with Summer coming nothing can be too bad! You know we are right here in Shore Acres, let me know if you need help staying sane.
XOXO Carrie

The Fegers said...

it'll be ok.
wanna go to the beach in the morning?
life is lovely at the beach!

jag said...

I LOVE your optimism! But, everyone has their days you know. I'll say a prayer that you're feeling a little more chipper soon.

Umm... I'm going to need you to share about those diapers! We've got a lot of fannies to cover over here!