Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...

What a fun St. Patrick's Day! Once again the leprechauns visited our home. Kirsten woke up to find a trail of gold candy leading her to the refridgerator. She was shocked with what she found there! Those mischevious little leprechauns played quite the trick on us this year!

Danny very much enjoyed a cup of green milk with his Irish Soda Bread!

Kirsten was so, so, so excited this morning! It was just precious. She was delighted with the leprechaun footprints we found on the patio and especially with the treats they left her! Here is my girl heading out for school.

My Matty D. This picture just makes me want to snuggle him!

Isn't this picture of Daniel's eyes beautiful? I can't stop staring at those Baby Blues!

Here are two pictures of my gang. I just love them. (The pictures and the kids!) I usually have such a hard time getting all 3 kids in one shot (much less smiling!). For some reason they all sat down, giggling, and yelling "cheese!". It was adorable and I know I'll cherish these pictures for a long, long time!


Pres-tone said...

OMG so cute, I shoulda done more this morning :( I'm learning. Allison and I did wear matching tall socks that were cute and we each wore festive shirts, but no pictures...That last picture of the kids, the boy on teh right looks just like you! That face is totally you, I think you need to post a baby picture comparison. Little Marcie, little Brian and the twins. I so see you in them.

Marcie said...

Thanks!! No one EVER says that... I will dig out some baby pictures. That'll be fun... but they look JUST like Brian's baby pictures lol... maybe I can find one with some resemblance to me ;)
...That's great with you and Allison... I'm sure she loved it!

Sarah said...

You have 3 of the cutest kids I have ever seen. Those little boys just have a twinkle in their eyes (watch out!!!) like I have never seen before, and your daughter is just angelic!