Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dear Kirsten,

October 2008 was an exciting month for you. You lost BOTH your front teeth!! (Your teacher is very happy about that since you can't concentrate when you have "wigglers".) I can't believe how old you look with your new haircut and your missing teeth!

While I tell you all the time to "stop growing" I secretly love it. You have always been so curious and bright but all of a sudden you have a new maturity. You are becoming such a beautiful person. At your school Halloween party yesterday the little girl sitting next to your threw up all over her desk after too many sweets. When the other kids in your class started yelling "EWWWWW!!!" you yelled, "STOP IT! You're going to hurt her feelings!!" I am so proud of your kindness and empathy all the time.

You are doing so well in school! Your report card comes out next week and I am very anxious to see your grades! You were named "Eagle of the Week" in your class last week and were very excited to be the class leader for the week. You can read anything and everything. It is really incredible. You love to conduct "story time" with your brothers but you get a little frustrated if they won't sit still.

Daddy surprised you with tickets for the opening night showing of "High School Musical 3". We had so much fun getting dressed up and staying up late for the show. You danced and squealed through the whole thing. It was SO CUTE.

I tell you all the time... but I'll tell you again :) You are my blessing. I love you more than you'll ever know sweet angel face!


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