Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Matthew,

Your little smile lights up a room. Everywhere we go people comment on your adorable dimples... and you're already learning to flash them when you are caught getting into mischief! (Grammy says you get that from your Godfather.) You are already a little clown and you make us laugh all day long! You just learned to play "Ring Around the Rosie"... you hum along for the first few words and then say "down!" and fall down laughing... so cute!

I just can't believe how big you are getting. You are seventeen months old and nineteen pounds right now. Your favorite foods are grapes and oranges and you have recently mastered the art of climbing out of your highchair. You follow Daddy around everywhere and cheer when you hear the door open at the end of the day because you know he's home.

You LOVE to dance and to be outside. Last week we were at an Octoberfest with live music. You stood on the edge of the lawn dancing and clapping... having the time of your life. It was so easy to imagine you as a teenager doing the exact same thing... scary.

You've started talking so much! Right now you are saying:
Mommy, Daddy, Yes, Thank You, There you go, Grandpa, Out, Bye bye, Baa baa, Banana (nana), Night night, Please, Up, Help, Hi, Yum yum, uh oh, and Yea. You are also repeating EVERYTHING we say. Our newest party trick is having you raise both arms and yell "touchdown!".

You are my joy little buddy. I love you more every single day!

Love, Mommy

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