Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Want To Remember

I'm creating this blog for a few reasons. 1.) I want to share pictures and stories of the kids with our friends and families. 2.) I've been TOTALLY inspired by my friends that have blogs. You'll see lots of stolen ideas if you visit the blogs of my friends Tiffany and Jenna :) (Their links are at the bottom of this page) 3.) I want to remember as much as I can about this special time in our lives. I've always meant to journal and scrapbook... but it never happens. This is a way for me to make a quick note of things I don't want to forget. So, if you are reading this and some of these posts seem very trivial forgive me.

Adorable moments of the week!
-Kirsten just announced that today is "a very special day! The whole world is excited today because it's TURKEY BOWL EVE!!!" (For those of you that are not familiar with the Turkey Bowl it's the football game that Daddy and his friends play every year... more on that later in the week)

-Three times this week one of the babies bumped his head and the OTHER baby immediately began rubbing his own head and came over for a kiss... Amazing "twin thing" or just a baby looking for attention? Hmmm...

-Danny began saying "Sissy" this week... but he won't say it when Kirsten is nearby (which is very frustrating to her!) He only says it if he sees her in the distance (like playing across the yard).

-Matthew had a tantrum this morning for TEN MINUTES because he wasn't allowed to climb on the sofas. (Someday that will be a cute, treasured memory right???)

-Danny tried to pull Matt out of my lap twice this week because he didn't want to share "Mommy Time". ...Not his finest moment as far as learning to share but it still warmed my heart :)

-Matthew began shoving a random toy at Danny when he tries to steal a desired toy from Danny. I like to think of it as a step in the right direction in learning to share.


jag said...

I LOVE the snipits of your week with the kids. That's something I always meant to do in the classroom. You know, write down those adorable things they say and do. That Matthew is SO CRAFTY! Trying to pawn off a lack luster toy to get the one he wants?! Hillarious! Keep the stories commin' lady! Pretty site, by the way.

Marcie Taylor said...

Haha... I should have mentioned that he TOTALLY learned that from Kirsten... she calls it "the old switcheroo". She's a bit better at it than Matt is... but he's a fast learn! Guess who I stole the idea for the "pretty site" from :)

The Fegers said...

steal away! If only I had better ideas for you to steal. I use it as a scrap book too. Happy Turkey Bowl Eve to you guys too!

nicole_dib said...

Your blog looks great! I too have found that I get to blogging more often than I ever did to scrapbooking... (of course I still have all those scrap booking supplies in my
I think the snipits are great! Turkey Bowl Eve.. how cute!! And the boys rubbing their heads when the other hits his.. how adorable!
Well I'm off now changing my background thanks to stealing the idea from you and