Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today we went to the funfest at our church. We had SO MUCH fun! It was one of those perfect days when no one took a nap and everyone stayed happy! That almost never happens... when it does it's bliss:)
Here is my gang ready for fun!

Here is my Matty on the swing... Danny got nervous and wanted to get off very quickly... but Matt loved it! (I had to add the spotlight feature to catch those dimples... I love 'em!)

Here is Kirsten Matt and I on the Carousel. Danny and Grammy were right next too us until Danny got spooked... they moved off a horse and onto a little bench where Danny was much happier (thanks Grammy)

Me and my girl on the ferris wheel

Grammy and Danny enjoying some time together. All of a sudden the boys can't get enough of their Grammy! Grandpa watches the boys for me twice a week so I can work part time... They LOVE their Grandpa... but they run straight past him to fight for Grammy's lap these days (little stinkers)

Grandpa and Kirsten on the bumper cars... Kirsten took a turn with Grandpa and a turn with Grammy and declared Grammy the "CRAZY driver!"

I think this picture of Grammy and Matt is so cute! They had the sweetest little moment together... then Grammy came over and asked me which baby he was! (Sorry Mom I had to tell on you :) It was funny!

Me and my crazy gang... it's just not possible to get them all looking in the same direction!

My sunny little Danny

Kirsten lost her two front teeth a little over two weeks ago. This is the first really good picture of her GIANT space. The tooth next to the space is also loose... This girl is going to have some serious problems eating soon! ...And at only 40 lbs we need her to EAT!

...More dimples!

Church is only just over a mile from our house... this is how I found Matty when I got home. Unfortunatley that's how long the nap lasted... Otherwise a perfect day :)


jag said...

LOVE the pic of Matty at the end of what must have been a wonderful day!

The Fegers said...

We went to my mom's on Sunday after nap time then to some friends' 50th wedding anniversary that evening. It looks like fun, but we got to hang out w/ Daddy, and he for some reason wasn't into that. We just stayed home on Saturday then went to see Madagascar. Looks like a big fun day! Did you cut their hair? It looks good.

Marcie Taylor said...

Ha ha... no I can't cut it. I took them to have it done (there are cute pics in the "Locks of Love" post) Brian wasn't into the festival either... I don't know why... it was so fun! Hopefully we'll get together soon :)