Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Bowl!

Last week was the annual Turkey Bowl... "the bowl to end all bowls". Brian and his friends have been playing this game for 8 years now. The game has changed a bit over the years... The first turkey bowl was played at 7 am after a night of partying when the guys snuck onto a high school football field to "throw the ball around". Now there are wives, kids, a ref, "rules", LOTS of build up and trash talk... but the premise of really bad football remains.

Brian gets Kirsten VERY excited about the Turkey Bowl each year. In kindergarten when her teacher asked what holiday was in November Kirsten yelled out "THE TURKEY BOWL!!!" Here is a picture of Brian and Kirsten getting ready for the big game.

...As I mentioned things have changed over the years. This is the only picture of have of the actual game. The spectators now watch the adorable children... not the actual game.

"Put me in coach!!" Matthew can't wait to play in his first TB!

What would a ballgame be without junk food?

Kirsten did a great job of organizing games for the little kids. There was lots of "Ring Around the Rosie" and hunting for bugs...

Brian and his fan club (it took about 6 tries to get the twins in the shot... as you can tell Kirsten is DONE with the photo shoot!)

The official TBVIII photo:

Brian wanted to put Kirsten in for a play this year. She was very excited and talked about it for weeks! In typical Turkey Bowl fashion she started picking flowers instead of watching the ball during her big moment.

Football + Flowers = A Happy Girl

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jag said...

Football and flowers? Could Miss Kirsten be both Daddy's and Mommy's girl? The best of both worlds. Looks like fun for the Taylor Fam!