Sunday, November 9, 2008

Don't Tell Santa...

The terrible twos have hit the Taylor household a little earlier than we expected. While my little angels are always precious, they are also a bit of a handful these days! Here are some pictures from this weekend... Yea, you can laugh YOU didn't have to contain these guys all weekend!!

Here is Danny trying to convince me there is nothing wrong with jumping on the couch

The boys "helping" with the dishes...

Matt helping with the laundry...

Danny clearing his tray...

Danny's snack on the floor

"SCORE!" Matt is thrilled to get his hands on my earing.

Danny rearranging his books

...Looking out the window

Matt discovering Kirsten's puzzle.

Yes. That is a shoe in the trash.

Danny hiding in the pantry.

Matt stealing Daddy's energy drink (Don't worry it was empty).

...And I wonder why I'm so tired at the end of the day!


The Fegers said...

Wow. Fun crazy kids. They look like they're Isaac's size, except for no fat rolls! The security word I'll have to type in is "active." How appropriate:)

Marcie Taylor said...

Yes, they are fun and crazy! They remind me SO much of Dylan lately (esp Danny...) I think it's the laugh. We need to get together soon!

nicole_dib said...

yes.. it's tough being a 17 month old in a world full of rules..! Shane,too, finds it very challenging that he can't have everything he wants! It seems that he always wants something that is his brothers or something that plugs into a wall. He also loves to hide in closets and cabinets.

Remember when we just couldn't wait for them to walk? lol

Actually this is such a precious age they learn soo much soo fast!!
I love the pic of the boys in the window.

We do need to get together soon! Call us for a playdate.

P.S. Antonio says hi!!