Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Last Sunday morning our church had a breakfast with Santa. I've taken Kirsten to this the last few years and it is always so much fun. Unfortunately the boys both have bad ear infections and have decided not to sleep anymore. The night before the breakfast they took turns sleeping... good for them... bad for Mommy. So ignore how crazy I look... and enjoy my little cuties :)

Here is Brian and Matt enjoying their breakfast. The boys went to TOWN on their pancakes and eggs and Kirsten stole everyone's sausage. My tiny kids can EAT when they want too!

Me and my little treasures

The whole family... in one shot! That almost never happens!

There were lots of fun activities for the kids. I can't believe the boys are getting old enough to enjoy some of these things. They really liked using the stickers at the craft table. Here is Matt putting stickers on Daddy's nose :)

...And now for the big payoff! Another picture with Santa! ...Again Kirsten was a total doll and the perfect big sister. (The boys are not really fans of the "Man in Red" this year... maybe next year!)


jag said...

You ALL look so pretty! Happy holidays!

The Fegers said...

You can't tell you didn't sleep. Sorry about that! Looks like a fun time!