Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TWO Cute

**Disclaimer** "Twin Moms" seem to have very strong opinions about how to raise their twins to be individuals. Many don't believe in ever dressing twins alike or ever referring to them as "the twins". There are others that are TOTALLY captivated by the unique experience of having twins and ALWAYS do these things. I am a middle of the road twin mommy. You are very different little people and I could never think of you as a single unit ("the twins"). But the very nature of being the exact same age, in the same family, and experiencing most of the same things at the same time leads to some grouping. The point of this is (I know you are looking for it) I plan to write you each your own letters most of the time. You are each so precious to me and I want to spend time thinking about JUST you... and for you to have these letters to keep someday. BUT I reserve the right to write joint letters on months that you totally gang up on me and leave me too exhausted to write two :) Like this month... so......

My sweet Danny and Matty,

You little monkeys have run me ragged this month! I was stopped at a Halloween event by another mom who commented on how I must have my hands so full with you too. I actually smiled and said "No... they are such easy boys" HA HA HA HA HA... You must have heard me and decided to up the anty. You are still very good boys :) But OH MY GOODNESS! You are so busy! You never, ever stop moving. Never. You climb all day on everything (even each other). Just keeping you alive is exhausting right now.

But you are also learning so much. I am in awe. Everyday you learn something new.

Matt- You mimic everything. EVERYTHING. You love to walk around with the phone (NOT a toy phone... that is totally unacceptable to you) and hold it under your ear exactly they way I do saying "Hi! Yes, yes. Bye Bye!" You want to play with Daddy's guitar all the time but you have to have the strap over your tiny shoulder or you scream. You like to brush your hair, brush you teeth, and pretend to put on lotion. However, you will only play with the lotion container that I use each night and it MUST be open (or you scream). Danny loves bubbles right now and asks for them all the time. When we play with bubbles you insist on holding the bubble container, dipping in the wand, and putting it to your mouth (or you scream... do you see a pattern developing?). I 've had to empty several containers and fill them with water because you were drinking so much bubble solution. You love to walk around carrying Kirsten's lunchbox and attempting to pull her giant book bag behind you. (Kirsten calls this "playing second grade".) You refuse to let anyone help you eat and you won't eat anything without a fork. There is no such thing as "finger foods" anymore. Blueberries and cheerios must be eaten with utensils. You are dangerously close to climbing out of your crib. I'm not sure what to do about this one...

Danny- I can't believe how much you are talking... all of a sudden... it's astonishing. Daddy and I were talking about taking you for Christmas pictures last night and Daddy said you would probably walk in and place the order yourself. Your new exciting words are: more, guitar, grammy, book, ball, and "Blue's Clues". (You are obsessed with Blue's Clues!) What's so amazing is not the vocabulary though... it's the way you are putting words together and really communicating. When we understand your little sentences you giggle and your face just LIGHTS UP. You are SO proud of yourself. You like to stand in front of the Christmas tree and you whisper "WOW" over and over as you point to each ornament. Precious.

You have both learned the word "mine" this month. As your sister would say, that is NOT my favorite. It doesn't matter if I give you two of the exact same thing... you both want the same one.

We go to a music class every Monday that you both really enjoy. You love to play the instruments and are learning the motions to all the songs. You both LOVE the unique version of "Little Bunny Foo Foo" that we do in class. We begin to sing the song but then we help Bunny Foo Foo make a better choice. You put up your little hands and yell "STOP!". Then we say, "No hitting" and you touch your face saying "gentle". It's so cute. Danny, you walk around saying "Foo Foo!" all the time... I begin singing the song and you both yell "STOP!" wayyyyyy before that point in the song :)

I work two days a week right now while Grandpa watches you boys. Recently he's started taking you to play in his yard in the afternoons. When I drive down the street he brings you to the edge of the driveway to meet me. You both cheer, wave, and jump up and down. There is NOTHING better than that. It is the most wonderful feeling. It makes going to work totally worth it just to see how happy you are when I get home.

I just don't know where my babies have gone! All of a sudden you are little boys. I think it happened yesterday. It was that fast... all of a sudden. I am amazed everyday at how much I love you. You crazy little monkeys are everything to me. I can't imagine how I ever lived for 30 years without you.

I love you every second of everyday,

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