Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Came!

Well, the little members of Team Taylor were very good this year... and Santa certainly noticed! Danny and Matt are BIG Blue's Clues fans. They were very excited to each get a stuffed "Blue" that sings and dances! Our little ones checkin' everything out (at dawn of course!) Kirsten (our little musician) wanted an electric guitar and a violin for Christmas... it seemed like a lot to me... so I asked her to chose one instrument to receive now and to wait until her birthday for the other... Well, Grammy and Grandpa got her the violin and Santa brought a guitar!!! (An electric Hello Kitty guitar!) much for my plan :) Our real life little Hannah Montana ...You've heard parents joke about how kids always prefer the box to the toys that come in them right? Here's the proof! After a busy morning of playing with new toys, we went to Grammy and Grandpa's house for Christmas dinner. Here is Aunt Maureen loving Danny Here is a fun picture of "Crazy Uncle Jason" ... resembles the Santa pics right? Jason (Matt's Godfather) bought the boys Bucs jerseys... they are SO CUTE. The boys loved wearing their new shirts and yelling "Touchdown!" ...They just didn't love being forced to sit in his lap for the picture! ...I hope I can get this to work... This is my first attempt at loading a video. IF you are able to watch this video (that's a big "if") You'll see Matt riding his new roller coaster from Santa... it is so cool!

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nicole_dib said...

Looks like the kids had a wonderful Christmas! How cute.. Kirsten looks.. Hannah Montana better watch out!! They all look adorable in their matching P.J.'s!!
I'm sure the boys are enjoying their coaster! Shane has a blast on his!
Looks like Santa was very good to Team Taylor!!