Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Early Christamas (A Little Late...)

Our Christmas celebration with the Taylor family was a little early this year (the weekend BEFORE Christmas). Somehow, I wasn't able to get my act together early... so I didn't have my camera with me (that's my excuse for posting these pictures so late). Luckily Grandpa Don is great with a camera and copies everything for us! (So I really don't have much of an excuse at all...)

We started the day with a family photo... It is not easy to get everyone in one shot but we did it!! Matt looks a little crazy... but other than that I think it's a good shot!

Here is Kirsten and her Uncle Jeff. To say that Kirsten idolizes Jeff is a HUGE understatement! Uncle Jeff is the coolest, greatest guy around! (Uncle Greg is awesome too... but not quite as good at winding the kids up!)

The kiddos got way too many toys... and they were all awesome!

Kirsten aka Hannah Montana

Have you read about how natural redheads are going to be extinct in the next 50 years? Well, the Taylors are certainly doing our part to make sure that doesn't happen! Allison (K, M, &D's cousin) has the exact same shade of red hair as the twins!

It was the perfect start to our Christmas celebrations... even though I didn't get pictures up until New Year's :)

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