Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Best, Best, Best Show Ever

I think I was four (maybe 5?) when I saw Annie for the first time... the first of many, many, many times. My parents still laugh about how as the curtain was going up I squealed "I think I'm gonna like this!". I was SO right. That night led to Annie Halloween costumes, the movie, the album, the dolls... you get the picture.

Needless to say, I was VERY excited when my mom suggested she take Kirsten and I to see the play as an early birthday "girl day".

My mom said she and my dad decided that no one could ever be as excited about Annie as I was (when I was little)... but if anyone was going to come close to matching my enthusiasm it would be Kirsten. I love Kirsten's face in this picture.

We all really enjoyed the show. Kirsten did a lot of wiggling (which shouldn't surprise anyone) and a lot of giggling and we all cried during the "I don't need anything but you" scene.

The Heart Gallery had a display at the theatre which helped us celebrate our theme for the day. ...Daddy Warbucks isn't the only one who got a happy ending ;)

As we were leaving (behind the theatre) we got meet the REAL Sandy. I was crazy excited. The four year old in me made an appearance as I squealed and shoved Kirsten into a picture. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out. So here is the back of Kirsten and the REAL Sandy :)

(FYI there are 2 real Sandys... one for the matinee and one for the evening performance and they both needed a walk :)

I made a mistake and told Kirsten about the trick my parents played on me before seeing Annie. My mom and I met my dad in Manhattan for an evening performance. My dad announced that if we wanted to see the show we needed to eat first and that we were going out for steak. (This probably sounds nice to most of you but I hate steak more than anything!) We sat down at a table and someone brought over the BIGGEST ice cream sundae I'd ever seen... talk about thrilling! So, when we told Kirsten we were going out for fish (her most hated food) she was onto us... but she still played along.

...Talk about a happy ending! Thanks Mom!


nicole_dib said...

What a great day! Annie.. was also my very favorite show! I saw it at the Showboat Theatre! I just love Annie... my favorite Annie movie is the one with Carol Burnette...

So is your beautiful princess singing The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow??
I'm glad that you

nicole_dib said...

That should have said.. that I am glad that you two had a wonderful Mommy & Daughter day..!

jag said...

That is the SWEETEST story! Love the memories! Love the tradition! Just loved reading this so much!

The Fegers said...

You are sooooooo lucky. I would LOVE to see that. I loved the movie and memorized a lot of it by rewinding and writing down the script and trying to get Kat to act it out w/ me. I would dance and sing it.

I took a musical theater class once then a girl from my class left mid-year b/c she got picked to be Annie on Broadway! I felt so lucky to have known Annie. Maybe she was the understudy, I'm not sure, it was a long time ago.

Anyway, so I can imagine your guys' excitement!